Good morning everyone! Geeze I know I forgot the week before to write a post of the week, but I didn’t think it was Tuesday today. For all the waiting you guys have endured, I am sorry.

My family would say, “You’re just running on Native time like the rest of us!” and laugh.

Well I guess I’ll tell you guys about why I’ve been so slow/just not posting anything the last week weeks. For one I’ve been unusually busy on Mondays. I actually had a really early shift yesterday, then a doctors appointment, got groceries, and once I got home I vegged out,because I finally got to rest. The week before I was super stressed from a traffic court date I had that Wednesday and transitioning to working a second job. This month has just been stressful more than it should be, because my car battery died and I have to bus, take a taxi, or pray that a friend or family member will give me a lift. I forgot how stressing not having a car can be. Even right now I am starting to watch the clock since I have to grab the 11:30 bus and I’m not even ready yet (it’s 10:28 currently). The only upside of this month though has been the warming weather! Everyday it gets warmer and warmer and I am just enthused for Spring just around the corner. Outside of all this stress I have been reading some interesting articles on the health of our oceans, which I will share with you guys either later this week or Monday, as well as political ones about Trump and a new, but old Obama Administration report about government subsidiaries, which I may or may not share my thoughts on, because I don’t care to talk about politics.

Well unfortunately I am leaving after such a short post, but I gotta get ready soon, or I shall be late to a meeting that I was only told of yesterday thanks to my wonderfully forgetful manager.


Safe travels to you all and drink plenty of coffee!




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